How Top Influencers Get More
Customers by Simply Engaging Their
Audience on Facebook Live
Get better audience engagement, more customers, and lower your ad spend without breaking the bank!
Did you know that better audience engagement
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That’s a FACT that top online businesses don’t want you to know…
Here’s another question:
Are you finding it hard or costly to keep getting customers from ads?

If your answer is “yes,” then you need to start getting customers from another source. You need an online platform where you can get more customers by simply interacting with your potential and existing customers.

The best—and literally free!—online platform that will help you get more customers by simply engaging with your audience is Facebook live.

Facebook Live is 100% free, you can get customers at a lower customer acquisition cost, which means you can start paying less on ads!

Focusing your time and effort on engaging your audience goes a long way. It’s a low-cost way to get more customers, but not just any kind of customers, loyal and long-term customers!

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That’s a FACT that top online businesses don’t want you to know…
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How to boost engagement, your reach, and brand loyalty
without breaking the bank using Facebook Live

Tips on preparing for a Facebook Live broadcast
so you can minimize mistakes and confidently deliver your message

The importance of powerful messages and goal setting
and how you can develop quality content that your audience will love

How to set up a demo broadcast
so you can check your equipment and practice before you go live in front of your audience

The process of scheduling a Facebook Live broadcast
so your audience will be there when you finally go live

Pro troubleshooting tips on coping with unexpected problems
before, during, and after your Facebook Live broadcast

How to scan comments and react to your audience’s insights like a pro presenter
while staying focused and in the presenter zone

What you need to do after your Facebook Live broadcast
that a lot of people don’t do, to get the best results out of your video
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Natasha, can Facebook Live help me get more customers?
That’s probably the most common question I get from business owners, influencers, and marketers.

The answer is yes! Not only will Facebook Live help you get more customers, you’ll get loyal, long-term customers because you’ll be interacting with them on a personal level.

You’ll also get more profit since Facebook Live will help make you rely less on paid ads to attract new customers.

In fact, here are a few statistics about Facebook Live

  • The average user watches Facebook Live videos 3 times
    longer than other videos on Facebook
  • Facebook videos are more effective compared to other platforms with an average of 13% organic reach and 6.3% engagement rate
  • Users spend a total of 100 million hours watching Facebook videos each day
Was that convincing?

I’m guessing some of you can’t wait to start using Facebook Live right now! Still, most aren’t that convinced yet…

No worries. I’ve gathered a few Facebook Live success stories that will show you the true power of Facebook Live when done correctly!
Success Story #1: Kay’s Designer Consignment

Kay’s Designer Consignment started as a brick-and-mortar shop in Florida in 2002, but the owner, Kay Martinovic, decided to go fully online in 2016. Kay opened up a Facebook page after closing her store and focused on growing her business on Facebook.

Kay and her team promoted Kay’s Designer Consignment shop section using Facebook Live and boosted posts.

The Results

- 51X return on ad spend from boosting a Facebook Live Session

- 22X increase in profit from using Facebook Live and Facebook shop compared to the profits from the retail shop

- 73% decrease in cost of doing business on Facebook shop versus the retail shop

- 2.6X increase in average sale from Facebook shops versus the retail shop

- 20X growth in online customer base
    “Profits exceeded expectations as we transitioned from an established brick-and-mortar location—where we were for 14 years—to an online-only Facebook shop. Our business has grown both locally and nationally as we reach a larger audience with Facebook.”

    - Kay Martinovic, founder, Kay’s Designer Consignment -

    Success Story #2: Linsey

    Linsey has established itself as one of the biggest brands in Ireland’s property services market with their 80+ years of expertise. The company started using Facebook to generate qualified leads and raise brand awareness.

    The team behind Linsey decided to use Facebook Live to broadcast real-time house tours of attractive properties.

    The Results

    - 4.5X increase in viewings for the pilot property

    - 30,000 organic views on Lisney-branded videos
      “Lisney Live has been fantastic for brand awareness – even at other viewings customers have said they’ve recognised me from Facebook.”

      - Kay Martinovic, founder, Kay’s Designer Consignment -

      Success Story #3: Addition Elle

      Addition Elle is a plus-size women’s clothing retailer that was founded in Montreal in 1980. The brand sells everything from lingerie and activewear to business and casual outfits.

      They started using Facebook Live and a series of video ads to increase sales and awareness of its F* campaign and its upcoming New York Fashion Week show.

      The Results

      - 5% lift in sales

      - 28-point lift in purchase intent

      - 38-point lift in ad recall

      - 22-point lift in favorability

      - 25.6% video view rate on Facebook (19.8% on Instagram)
        “We wanted our customers and fans to feel they had a front row seat at NYFW to experience the excitement as it was happening in the moment, and Facebook Live allowed us to do that.”

        - Roslyn Griner, VP of Marketing & Visual, Addition Elle -

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